Nicolás González Irigoin

Motion Graphics Selected Works

I am thrilled to present to you a selection of my motion graphic works. With a passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail, I've curated a portfolio that showcases my diverse skill set and approach to motion design.

In my portfolio, you'll find a range of projects, including animated logos, motion graphics for TV shows, social media teasers, advertising videos, and more. Each piece demonstrates my ability to blend artistic vision with technical proficiency to deliver compelling visual narratives.

I take pride in my collaborative spirit and adaptability, having worked with clients from various industries and regions, including Latin America, North America, Europe and Middle East. Whether it's meeting tight deadlines or adhering to brand guidelines, I'm committed to deliver results that resonate.

Motion Reel

A selection of motion graphic works, including animated logos, motion graphics for TV shows, social media teasers, advertising videos, etc. I created these pieces for diverse clients in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, the USA, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Cybr Swipe

Client: Cybr Swype
Agency: Mula Films
Year: 2021

In this video, the client provided only a few UI examples and the logos of the product and their company. So, I created a storyboard based on the voice description and the graphics to reinforce the message, as well as added foley for the entire piece.

Diwo Poet

Client: Diwo
Agency: Fog Pilot
Year: 2019

This piece was created following the client's direction regarding the sequence to showcase their digital product. It was made in After Effects, using UI graphics provided in Sketch and Adobe Illustrator.

Atp Nitto Finals

Client: Atp Tour
Agency: Sift Creative
Year: 2020

In this project, I had complete creative freedom, collaborating closely with the video editor. The only creative constraint was to fully adhere to the ATP Tour brand guidelines. This piece was showcased across ATP social media accounts and provided to the press for promotion.

Wta Channel

Client: WTA
Agency: Sift Creative
Year: 2022

This piece was created under a tight deadline, with only 48 hours for the entire process of editing, design, and client feedback. Working closely with the project manager and video editor made it possible to achieve the goal. The piece was utilized on WTA and Tennis Channel social media platforms to promote the signal across several European countries.

Talkit Promo

Client: Talkit Online
Agency: Mula Films
Year: 2021

A set of motion pieces made for Talkit, an online therapy service. The client provided only the logo and the brand color palette, so I created a storyboard and graphics according to the voice description to achieve a solid visual message.

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